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Perfectionism and OCPD

Virtual therapy for individuals and couples struggling with obsessive perfectionism.


Does this sound like you?

You are very critical of yourself, and often don't express what you're really thinking. You're out of touch with your own wants, needs, and goals - stuck in a sea of "should's." You procrastinate or push off important things just because you're scared of failure, or getting it "just right." You avoid commitment in life and relationships. You overthink and ruminate. You feel robotic at times, living life according to a set of rules. If this sounds like your partner, you feel constantly criticized, belittled, or micro-managed.

Can therapy help?

Obsessive, compulsive perfectionism affects your inner world, your relationships, your career. A natural tendency towards achievement, when driven by anxiety, can become extreme. Through therapy you can find a way to express your healthy will to excel  in a constructive way. Spontaneity, creativity, relaxation, and "good enough" are possible.

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