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Spirituality, Existential Issues, Meaning, and Life Purpose

Virtual therapy for adults hoping to create a more meaningful life.

Does this sound like you?

You’re looking for a therapist who can respect your beliefs, or lack thereof! You feel like your beliefs about spirituality, religion, or atheism are an important part of you, but they’re not necessarily shared by the people around you. Maybe you’re still figuring out what you believe, are struggling with doubts, or are working through religious shame. You wonder what life is all about. What really gives your life meaning? Indecision arises with big life choices (career, lifestyle, relationships) - you're not sure what's the "right" path for you.


Can therapy help you?

Therapy is a time devoted to you, your thoughts, your identity, your process, your feelings, your history. In that sacred space, your own inner answers can be revealed. Meaning and connection to something bigger than us is an important dimension of mental health. Witch Hazel Therapy offers therapy from both a transpersonal and secular perspective. Beyond her M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, Lauren has a love for all religions, spiritualities, philosophies, and atheisms.

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