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Anomalous Experience

Virtual therapy for adults who have experienced unexplained, paranormal, or spiritual phenomena.

Does this sound like you?

You have experienced something strange or extraordinary and are hoping to process it with someone. Some experiences are talked about more openly, like knowing who is calling before you look at the phone, or receiving guidance through a dream. Other experiences seem more unusual and can be hard to integrate into everyday life. You may be experiencing “ontological shock” – trying to make sense of an experience that defies logic. Perhaps you have been having these experiences for some time, since childhood, and would like to find a therapist who will keep an open mind when considering their meaning in your life.


Can therapy help you?

Through an exploration of these phenomena, we can seek a new equilibrium in terms of your sense of self and the reality around us. Having a mental health professional to process with helps ease the feeling of isolation that can accompany these experiences. Through therapy, you can learn how to integrate these experiences, ground yourself, communicate with your support system, and find peace with your own intuition and path in life. Lauren received her M.A. in Spiritual Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she studied spiritually transformative experiences, archetypal symbolism, and spiritual development over the lifespan.

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