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Witch Hazel Therapy offers virtual therapy for these issues and more.

Schedule your free 15-minute consultation call to find out if we're a good fit.

Therapy for managing issues related to ADHD - a strength-based approach for crafting your best ADHD life.

Therapy for experiencers of paranormal or unexplained phenomena and/or spiritually transformative experiences (psychedelic integration, spiritual awakening, etc.).

Therapy for those following a spiritual path outside the norm, or religious individuals hoping for a nuanced perspective on faith.

Therapy for those hoping to build independence and confidence in relationships.

Therapy for adult children of enmeshed or emotionally immature parents, and those wanting to process childhood wounds.

Therapy for couples and individuals hoping to process obstacles in their way to a fulfilling, stable love.

Lauren's Clinical Experience



Lauren received her BA in Sociology from UC Berkeley, her MA in Spiritual Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University, and her MS in Counseling from SMU. Lauren's concentration was in Marriage, Couples and Families.
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