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Men's Issues

Virtual therapy for adult men navigating relationships, career, family, and meaning.

Does this sound like you?

You are hesitant to start the therapy process, but would appreciate a place to sound your thoughts and get direct feedback on how to handle certain problems. You might be struggling in the dating world, trying to find the right partner while figuring out your sexual values. Or you may be romantically involved but struggling to effectively express your emotions, or manage conflict. You might have 'stuff' to figure out with your family, but it might feel easier to just keep the peace. You might be navigating career challenges and questions of meaning. And you may be navigating it all on your own - feeling socially isolated or lacking in deeper connections.


Can therapy help?

Lauren has worked extensively with adult men in group, individual, and couples counseling, and also with adolescent and elementary-age boys in the school and hospital setting. With her training in marriage and family therapy, Lauren focuses on family-of-origin, relationship issues, and communication. If you're struggling with sexual impulsivity issues (excessive pornography use, meaningless sex), lying and secrecy, and/or infidelity, we can sort out the deeper roots of these issues, in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Therapy isn't just a place to receive understanding (although that goes a long way) - it's also a place to learn relationship skills, communication techniques, and receive honest, direct feedback.

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