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Young Adults

Virtual therapy for navigating your twenties and thirties.

Does this sound like you?

You’re in the process of laying the foundation for the rest of your life – sometimes it can be daunting! Big life choices at every corner – whom to marry, where to live, what to do with your life. Your twenties brings new insights into your family and childhood, and an opportunity to heal and re-align with yourself. Perhaps you are struggling to maintain a relationship with your parents, while setting boundaries. Navigating romantic relationships can be a challenge as well, when you are still creating your life and healing old wounds.


Can therapy help?

Young adulthood is a time of individuation. Therapy provides a space devoted to you, your thoughts, your dreams, your fears. By giving yourself this time, you take steps towards the life you are wanting to create. A therapist can help you clarify your values while processing what holds you back from being your authentic self, finding your career path, or finding a partner.


If you’re hoping to include your partner or spouse, couples counseling gives the two of you the opportunity to heal some of those old wounds that get in the way of trusting, while creating a new interdependent life.

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