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Virtual therapy for adults navigating family conflict and relationship issues.

Does this sound like you?

You are struggling to navigate your relationship with your parents - and sometimes it's tempting to cut off contact completely. Perhaps there are things from your childhood left unprocessed, or continual conflicts when you do interact. Your romantic relationships seem to suffer, too, as you find yourself triggered, stressed, needy, or distant. You're wanting to have easier relationships, ones where you can be yourself.


Can therapy help?

Families can live by scripted rules, stories, and roles for decades without ever changing. By giving your family the chance to change this script, you create space for all the adult members of the family to know one another, accept one another, and find true inner peace not predicated on avoidance or keeping the status-quo. Individual therapy for adult children helps you change the patterns in your own family, and in turn, your relationships. Family therapy for adult children is available as well, if you are hoping to talk to your adult child/parent in session. Through assertive communication and boundary setting, a new relationship is possible.

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