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Premarital Counseling

Virtual, secular counseling for engaged, committed, or recently married couples.

Foundation for Forever

Discover both your couple's strength and growth areas! Using the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment, an empirically-validated tool, we will focus on relationship skills specific to you and your partner's needs.

Topics we will explore:

Communication ♥ Conflict Resolution ♥ Finances ♥ Personality & Habits ♥ Time Apart vs. Together ♥ Sexual Expectations ♥ Social Life ♥ Family of Origin ♥ Relationships Roles ♥ Spiritual Beliefs ♥ Parenthood

Premarital counseling is not used to determine if you are "right for each other" (compatibility). We will focus on your areas of similarity, managing your differences, and merging lives as two unique individuals.

Already tied the knot but didn't have time for premarital counseling during the wedding planning phase? The ENRICH assessment is tailored to already married couples.

Check out our à la carte option below.


Premarital Package

♥ Initial intake session

♥ 7 premarital counseling sessions

♥ Certificate of completion for Twogether in Texas*

Package fee: $995

(8 sessions + assessment + workbook)

*Through Twogether in Texas, completing this 8-hour premarital program allows you to skip the $60.00 State fee to receive your marriage license. Your county may have an additional fee ($15 in Tarrant County after discount).


Already have your marriage license?

Ready to commit to your fiancé, but not to 8 sessions?

À la carte option:

♥ Online premarital assessment + report + workbook: $35

♥ 50-minute couples session: $150

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